Jovo Framework Architecture

Learn more about the modular architecture of the Jovo Framework.


The Jovo Framework has a flexible and extensible architecture that is split into different modules.

With every request and response interaction pair, the framework runs through the following process:

Middleware Description
setup First initialization of app object with first incoming request. Is executed once as long as app is alive
request Raw JSON request from platform gets processed. Can be used for authentication middlewares.
platform.init Determines which platform (e.g. Alexa, GoogleAssistant) sent the request. Initialization of abstracted jovo (this) object.
platform.nlu Natural language understanding (NLU) information gets extracted for built-in NLUs (e.g. Alexa). Intents and inputs are set.
nlu Request gets routed through external NLU (e.g. Dialogflow standalone). Intents and inputs are set.
user.load Initialization of user object. User data is retrieved from database.
router Request and NLU data (intent, input, state) is passed to router. intentMap and inputMap are executed. Handler path is generated.
handler Handler logic is executed. Output object is created and finalized. User gets finalized, DB operations.
platform.output Platform response JSON gets created from output object.
response Response gets sent back to platform.
fail Errors get handled if applicable.



The jovo-core package contains the interfaces of all of the main concepts of Jovo: BaseApp, Conversation, Jovo, Middleware, SpeechBuilder, TestSuite, and User.


The jovo-framework package is the main implementation of the Jovo Framework, and the probably most visible module for users. It contains all the relevant implementations for building an app with Jovo, like App, Handler, Router, JovoUser, as well as logging, hosting, and integration capabilities.


The jovo-integrations packages offer several implementations of voice platforms, plugins, and other integrations like databases or analytics.


Platforms like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant have the prefix jovo-platform-, and currently include:

  • jovo-platform-alexa
  • jovo-platform-googleassistant
  • jovo-platform-dialogflow


Database integrations like DynamoDB or MySQL have the prefix jovo-db-, and currently include:

  • jovo-db-filedb
  • jovo-db-dynamodb
  • jovo-db-mysql


Analytics integrations like Dashbot or Botanalytics have the prefix jovo-analytics-, and currently include:

  • jovo-analytics-dashbot


General plugins have the prefix jovo-plugin-, and currently include:

  • jovo-plugin-debugger
  • jovo-plugin-lmtester

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