In this section, you can learn more about different types of services that can be used for hosting your Alexa Skills and Google Actions.


Jovo comes with off-the-shelf host integrations that make it easier for you to deploy your voice app to the provider of your choice. The hosting providers can be configured in the index.js file.

Jovo currently supports an ExpressJS Webhook (which we recommend for local prototyping), AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions and Azure Functions.


You can create a ready-to-deploy file with either of the following commands:

This will copy the src files into a bundle folder, run a production-only npm install, and then zip it.

You can then use this file and upload it to the hosting provider of your choice.

Available Integrations

Find more information on server integrations here:

Name Description
ExpressJS Webhook Run an express server as HTTPS endpoint
AWS Lambda Run the voice app as AWS Lambda Function
Google Cloud Functions Run the voice app on Google Cloud Functions
Azure Functions Run the voice app on Azure Functions
Using nodejs built-in http server Run your app (almost) anywhere

Code Example

Here is what the index.js file looks like:

Comments and Questions

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