Learn how to upgrade an existing Jovo Framework app. Also, take a look at our Installation Guide.

Upgrading the Jovo Framework

You can find the current version of your Jovo Framework installation in your package-lock.json file.

You can do:

Minor Updates

Important: Updating by just using $ npm install jovo-framework can lead to errors. Make sure to use one of the commands provided below.

To update to the latest minor update (updating either x or y in 3.x.y or 2.x.y) of the framework, use one of the following commands:

These commands are necessary (as opposed to $ npm install jovo-framework) because the framework is now split into different modules.

Major Updates

Jovo v3 does not come with any breaking changes except that we dropped the node 8 support. This is why you can also use the

Learn more here: v2 Migration.

Upgrading the Jovo CLI

To update to the latest version of the Jovo CLI, use the following command:

For major updates, consider uninstalling the Jovo CLI globally before you install it again:

For more information on installation and troubleshooting, take a look at our Installation Guide.

Comments and Questions

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