Jovo v2 Migration Guide

We just released a huge update to the Jovo Framework: Version 3! Learn how to migrate from a Jovo v2 project to the new v3 of the Jovo Framework, or check out our Quickstart guide.

Breaking Changes in v3

Although v3 of Jovo was a big update, it was important to us to minimize the time it takes for our users to migrate existing projects to the new version.

The only breaking change is the Node version. We dropped support for Node 8.10 (major cloud providers like AWS are doing the same) and recommend anyone to use at least Node 10.8.

Getting Started with v3

New to Jovo? Check out our Quickstart guide.

To migrate an existing project, you can either use the jovo update command like this:

Alternatively, you can also update all Jovo packages in your project manually by using:

Comments and Questions

Any specific questions? Just drop them below or join the Jovo Community Forum.

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