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OneDash Analytics Integration

Learn how to use OneDash Analytics for your Alexa Skills built with Jovo.

About OneDash

OneDash Website

OneDash is an AI-powered chat-bot analytics service with deep analysis of dialogues, search for insights and easy sharing with stakeholders.


To use OneDash for your voice app, you need to complete the following steps:

  1. Create a OneDash Bot
  2. Enable OneDash Analytics in your Jovo voice app
  3. Download the onedash npm package
  4. Test your app

Create a OneDash Bot

  1. Create a OneDash account or log in at

  2. Click "Add a Bot" in the Admin panel:

OneDash Add a Bot

  1. Copy API Key

OneDash Copy API Key

Enable OneDash in Jovo

To add OneDash to your voice app, do the following:

  • Download the npm package
  • Enable the plugin in app.js
  • Add configurations in config.js

First, download the npm package:

Enable the plugin like this:

Add configurations like this:

Test OneDash

Test your voice app

OneDash Test

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