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Build voice experiences and chatbots for the web with Jovo and VueJS

Jovo Web Client - Vue

Build voice and conversational experiences for the web with Vue.js and Jovo. You can find the vanilla JavaScript web client here: Jovo Web Client.


Jovo Client and Jovo Web Platform

Jovo Clients are used as a frontend that collects user input. This input (e.g. speech or text) is then passed to the Jovo Web Platform that handles the conversational logic.

The "Jovo for Web" client can be used on websites and web apps built with Vue.js. It comes with helpful features that make it easier to capture speech input, detect when a user stops speaking, and display information that is returned from the Jovo app. The client is open source and fully customizable.

You can check out one of these starter templates to get a first impression of how it looks like:


This package is a plugin for Vue.js and does not work without it.

vue is a peer-dependency of this package and therefore needs to be installed as well.


You can configure the client like this:

Sending a Request to the Jovo App

To send a request to the Jovo app, you can use the $client object:

Recording Voice Input

To record the user's voice input and automatically send it to the Jovo app, you can use the startInputRecording() and stopInputRecording() methods. Here's a sample implementation of a microphone button that will record the audio as long as the button is pushed down and send the audio as soon as it's released:

Event Listeners

You can use listeners to react to events of the Jovo app from within your Vue component

The following event types are supported:

Name Description Parsed Parameters
Request triggered when the request is received by the Jovo app. Parses the request (req: WebRequest)
Response triggered when the Jovo app sends out the response. Parses the response (res: WebResponse)
Action triggered when the Jovo app's response contains an action. Parses the action (action: Action)
Reprompt triggered when a reprompt is triggered. Parses the reprompt actions (repromptActions: Action[])


The SpeechRecognizer uses Google Chrome's ASR and has its own set of listeners:

Name Description Parsed Parameters
StartDetected triggered when the speech input has started ()
SpeechRecognized triggered when the speech input has been collected (event: SpeechRecognitionEvent)
End triggered when the SpeechRecognizer has ended (after SpeechRecognized) (event: SpeechRecognitionEvent)
Timeout triggered when the SpeechRecognizer has timed out ()
SilenceDetected triggered when the SpeechRecognizer detected silence ()
Error triggered when the SpeechRecognizer encountered an error (error: Error)

The AudioHelper class can be used to get the transcript from the SpeechRecognizerEvent:

Jovo Client Vue Changelog

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Current version might be higher than the latest changes displayed below because of updates of dependencies.

2020-08-31 [3.0.32]


No functional changes since the release of Jovo version 3.x.


Find the 2.x changelog here.

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