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Daily Updates

Learn how to use Google Action's daily updates with Jovo.


Daily updates allow you to send push notifications to your user at a scheduled time, which, if tapped, triggers a predefined intent. It allows you to add your Action to your user's daily routine.

Google does automatically suggest intents you configured as possible daily update intents to the user if a dialog ends successfully, but the following section will explain how you can suggest it manually inside a session.


To be able to use daily updates, you have to first configure your Google Action and your Dialogflow Agent the following way:

You have to specify the intents, which you want to suggest for daily updates, by first adding them to the set of intents, which can be triggered by implicit invocations inside your Dialogflow Agent:

Dialogflow Implicit Invocation

After you've done that, you can find the intent as one of your Actions on your Google Actions Actions tab:

Google Action Actions

Select the intent and at the bottom of the tab you will find the User engagement section, where you can enable the daily updates as well as set a content title:

Google Action Action User Engagement

Suggest your Intent

To ask the user whether they want to add your intent as a daily update, you have to first ask them if they are interested using suggestion chips, after that you can ask them to add your intent as a daily update using the askForRegisterUpdate(intent) method:

After sending out the daily update request the user's response will be mapped to the ON_REGISTER_UPDATE intent:

Using this.$googleAction.$updates.isRegisterUpdateOk() you can check whether the user accepted your request.

Google Assistant Changelog

Current version might be higher than the latest changes displayed below because of updates of dependencies.

2021-07-07 [3.5.4]
  • #948 ✨ Add enableFullScreen and continueTtsDuringTouch (@aswetlow)

2021-02-22 [3.5]

  • #901 Move setResponse from response to after.response middleware (@aswetlow)
2020-11-20 [3.2.3]
2020-11-05 [3.2.1]
  • Fix Transaction API v2/v3 incomptibility

🐛 Bug Fix

  • #716 Corrected logic for retrieving project-ids in staged environments (@m-ripper)

Committers: 3

3.0.11 (2020-04-06)

  • Updated Typescript to 3.8.x
  • Updated Prettier to 2.x

Committers: 2


Find the 2.x changelog here.

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