Google Assistant (Conversational)

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Build Conversational Actions for Google's Assistant platform



The request is the incoming data that the platform sends to your app's endpoint. It consists of information like:

  • User ID,
  • Intent, e.g. MyNameIsIntent
  • Input, e.g. name
  • Session data, e.g. a state

and other things that might be relevant to your app. You can access the incoming request with this.$request.

Here's an example request:

In the Jovo Framework repository we keep sample requests for the most common types. You can find them here

$request Object

Besides the cross-platform getter and setter methods the Google Assistant $request object supports the following general helper methods:

Name Description Return Value
getUserStorage() Returns the params object where you can persist data across sessions object
hasWebBrowserInterface() Returns true if the user's device is capable of using a web browser boolean

Google Assistant Changelog

Current version might be higher than the latest changes displayed below because of updates of dependencies.

2022-03-02 [3.6.4]
2022-02-17 [3.6.3]
2021-07-07 [3.5.4]
  • #948 ✨ Add enableFullScreen and continueTtsDuringTouch (@aswetlow)

2021-02-22 [3.5]

  • #901 Move setResponse from response to after.response middleware (@aswetlow)
  • #901 Fix missing unit test methods in ConversationalResponse (@aswetlow)
2021-02-04 [3.4.0]
  • #892 ✨ Transactions for Google Assistant Conversational Actions (@aswetlow)
2021-01-28 [3.3.2]
  • #890 ✨ Add Conversational Actions functionality to Jovo Debugger (@aswetlow)
2020-12-03 [3.3.0]
  • #871 Add missing and broken Google Conversational Action features (@aswetlow)
2020-11-20 [3.2.4]
2020-11-16 [3.2.3]
  • Adds Interactive Canvas to Google Conversational Actions (@aswetlow)
2020-11-10 [3.2.2]
  • #856 Fixes several Google Conversational Actions issues (@aswetlow)
2020-11-05 [3.2.1]

Fix missing locale in push notifications object

2020-09-29 [3.1.3]
  • #831 :recycle: Enhance Google AssisConversational Actions (@maswetlow)

2020-09-29 [3.1.0-alpha.0]

  • #829 ✨ Work In Progress: Google Assistant Conversational Actions (@aswetlow)

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