CanFulfillRequests to Slack

Plugin published by Kaan Kilic | 209 downloads

Automatically send data about incoming Alexa CanFulfillRequests to a Slack webhook

Logs data about incoming Alexa Canfulfill requests on Slack

If you are using the Jovo Framework version < 2.0.0, please checkout the v1 branch here


In your Jovo project:

To create enable incoming webhooks for your Slack follow this guide.


NOTE: The webhookUrl is a required parameter

The plugin sends the error message as an attachement. Every parameter is customizable except the ts parameter.

You can use the config.js file to add the changes in the following format:

If you don't customize anything, these default values will be used:

Checkout the official documentation for more information on each parameter: Docs

You can also override the channel/user the message should be sent to:

Jovo Plugin Slack Canfulfill



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