New Jovo CMS Features: Platform-Specific Responses and Instant Updates

by Jan König on Mar 27, 2019

After launching a new Jovo CMS integration for Airtable two weeks ago, we're back with some new updates for the Jovo CMS integrations:

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Platform-Specific Responses

Learn more about platform-specific responses here.

When building cross-platform voice apps, it can happen often that the desired response output for an Alexa Skill or a Google Action differs.

An Alexa Skill might want to welcome a new user like "Welcome to the XYZ Alexa Skill", where a Google Action might say "Welcome to the XYZ Google Action" or even something completely different.

The Jovo platform-specific responses feature allows you to manage all of this without changing anything in your logic (no if/else statements!), by adding AlexaSkill and/or GoogleAction namespaces to your language resources:

And you can use the same by adding new rows to your Google Sheets or Airtable content management systems.

This is how it looks like in a Google Sheet:

Alexa Skill and Google Action Responses in a Google Sheet

And this is in Airtable:

Alexa Skill and Google Action Responses in Airtable

Instant Updates

Learn more about CMS caching here.

When working with a CMS, speed in data retrieval is an important feature. This is why Jovo only retrieves the content from Google Sheets or Airtable once when the app is started and then caches it.

Some community members raised the issue, however, that for testing purposes, it might be helpful to have instant updates of CMS content in the app. We listened and added a caching option to our CMS interface which can be set to false. This increases load times (data is retrieved with every request), but makes it possible to make and test adjustments (for example, SSML tweaks) quickly.

Learn how to disable CMS caching for:

How to Update

Learn more in the Jovo Upgrading Guide.

To update to the latest version of Jovo, use the following command:

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Jan König

Co-founder at Jovo

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