Jovo v3.3: PostgreSQL, Quick Replies, Conversational Actions

by Jan König on Dec 03, 2020

Jovo v3.3

We just released v3.3! This update comes with many bugfixes and improvements, as well as a new integration for PostgreSQL and an abstraction for quick replies.

By the way, this is a smaller release while we're heavily working on Jovo v4. Join the discussion.

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New Features and Integrations

Below is a list of new features that we're excited about. You can find the full changelog here.

PostgreSQL Integration

Learn more about PostgreSQL in the Jovo Marketplace.

PostgreSQL is a highly popular open source database. After MySQL, this is the second relational database that Jovo integrates with.

Find all database integrations here.

Abstracted Quick Replies

Learn more in the Jovo Docs.

Sometimes, it's easier to tap or click than saying the whole thing. Many platforms like Google Assistant, Google Business Messages, and our Jovo Web Platform already support quick replies. These buttons that look like small chips (also called "suggestion chps" sometimes) remove friction and help guide the conversation.

As not all platforms support this feature, you would usually have to add them yourself for each platform. Now, we offer an easier way:

Abstracted Platform Handlers

Learn more in the Jovo Docs.

While we're working on Jovo v4, we're exploring more and more ways to offer cleaner ways for cross-platform experiences.

One feature we have been supporting for a while was "platform handlers." This way, you can add intents that are only supported by one platform, and even add completely new experiences.

We've now made it easier to access this feature across platforms:

Improvements and Bugfixes

You can find the full changelog here.

There are lots improvements that we've added in the last few months. Some of them include:

How to Update

Learn more in the Jovo Upgrading Guide.

To update to the latest version of Jovo, use the following commands:

Breaking Changes

There are no breaking changes with this release. Update away!

A Big Thank You

Thanks a lot for all your help to the contributors of this release, including:

And to everyone else who helped with ideas and feature requests in the Jovo Slack and Jovo Community Forum!

Jan König

Co-founder at Jovo

Comments and Questions

Any specific questions? Just drop them below or join the Jovo Community Forum.

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