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Template: Alexa In-Skill Purchases

Sell a sample product with Alexa In-Skill Purchasing


Use this template to learn how to implement In-Skill purchasing for Amazon Alexa with a sample product. This template contains:

1) A language model (models/en-US.json) that has a 'BuySkillItemIntent' and a 'RefundSkillItemIntent' with a slot LIST_OF_PRODUCT_NAMES that contains one product called cave_quest.

2) App logic (app/app.js) that uses the Jovo implementation of Alexa In-Skill purchases.

Find all the necessary steps here.


Use the Jovo CLI to download this template:

Find the code and more information on GitHub

Sample Conversation

Open my purchase app

Which Skill Item do you want to buy?

Buy cave quest

Do you want to purchase Cave Quest? Prime members save $0.19. Without Prime, your price is $0.99 plus tax. Would you like to buy it?


Great! You now have Cave Quest.

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