How to contribute to Jovo

Become an active member of the community

Thank you for dedicating your time to help us make Jovo the leading framework for voice app development. New to Jovo and want to learn more about contributing yourself? Here are a few suggestions how to get started.

Spread the word

You don't have to make crazy code changes to Jovo to become a contributor. Help other people discover Jovo by sharing or creating content.

Give a star on GitHub

Increase Jovo's visibility as an open-source framework.

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Write a blog post

Share your learnings with the community

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Give a presentation

Speak about Jovo at a local meetup

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Share code

You can have a huge impact on Jovo without ever touching the framework's core.

Open source a project

Help others learn Jovo by showing your code.

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Build a plugin

Help others extend Jovo easily.

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Add new features

Adding to Jovo's core can sometimes be daunting for beginners. Here are some ideas.

Investigate GitHub Issues

Find out what people are currently discussing.

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Add Google Action features

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