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Template: Trivia Game

A quiz game that uses states and i18n


This trivia game asks users questions and offers four potential answers which can be picked by saying a number. The questions, answers, and other elements are stored in language files (for now en-US and de-DE), which can be accessed through the Jovo i18n integration.

This template is based on the sample Alexa Trivia Skill by Amazon.


Use the Jovo CLI to download this template:

Find the code and more information on GitHub

Sample Conversation

Open jovo trivia

Welcome to Jovo Trivia. I will ask you 5 questions, try to get as many right as you can. Just say the number of the answer. Are you ready?


Question 1. What do Reindeer eat? 1. Leaves. 2. Berries. 3. Grasses. 4. Lichen.


That answer is correct. Your score is 1. Question 2. Santa only has one female reindeer, which one is it? 1. Cupid. 2. Cupid. 3. Clarice. 4. Vixen.

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