Project 3: Build a Podcast Player

by Kaan Kilic on Feb 13, 2019

Build a Podcast Player Alexa Skill and Google Action

Welcome to our third project-based course about voice app development. In previous courses, we already learned some of the basics of building Alexa Skills and Google Actions. After an initial setup in Project 1: Hello World, we looked at some more advanced routing in Project 2: Adventure Game.

For project 3, we'll look into one of the most popular use cases for voice apps and smart speakers: streaming audio. Let's build a podcast player voice app that works on both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

You can find the full code example of the Podcast Player Voice App on GitHub.

What We're Building

In this course we're going to build an easily modifiable podcast player Alexa Skill and Google Action.

It will automatically play multiple episodes in a row, let the user pause and resume whenever they want, and let them switch between episodes freely.

While building that, we will learn about

  • the Alexa AudioPlayer and Google MediaResponse interfaces to stream audio files,
  • how to incorporate platform specific features into your multi-platform app,
  • how to structure bigger projects,
  • the Jovo Language Model,

and much more. See all the steps below.

Course Outline

You can find the full code example of the Podcast Player Voice App on GitHub.

Let's Get Started

We start by playing a single audio file for both Alexa and Google Assistant with.

Step 1: Streaming an Audio File.

Photo by Matt Botsford on Unsplash

Kaan Kilic

Technical Content Marketing Associate at Jovo

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