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Cross-platform access to the user's timezone including defaults per country code.

Time Zone Jovo Plugin


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This plugin for the Jovo Framework allows you to easily add cross-platform time zone support including an overall default time zone if there is not a country-code-specific default.


This plugin supports Jovo v3.

For the plugin that supports Jovo v4 use @jovo-community/jovo-community-plugin-timezone


The following platforms are supported:

  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google Assistant
  • Samsung Bixby

In the case of Amazon Alexa, after the first API call, the time zone is cached in Session Data at:


Don't access or change this value, instead use the method on the plugin:

NOTE: Support for Google Assistant is through default time zone only as the current User Experience (UX) of prompting for location and calling APIs to convert geo-location into a time zone needs improvement.


Install the plugin into your Jovo project:

npm install jovo-community-plugin-timezone --save

Register the plugin in:



Get the time zone in your handler:

myHandler.js or myHandler.ts:


You can set an overall default time zone fallback or defaults based on the country code portion of the locale that is sent with every request.

config.js or config.ts:



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