Speech Markdown

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Text-to-speech formatting for content authors, designers, and developers



The following platforms are supported:

  • [x] Amazon Alexa
  • [x] Google Assistant
  • [x] Samsung Bixby


Install SpeechMarkdown plugin into your Jovo project:

npm install jovo-plugin-speechmarkdown --save

Use the plugin in the app.js:

Or app.ts:




In general:


Add the plugin configuration to the project's config.js file:

In this config, Alexa-specific names are used for the voices and are assigned to custom names Brian and Sarah. For Google Assistant, a mapping happens for the Alexa names to corresponding voice tags on Google.

The plugin also supports platform-specific overrides for 'amazon-alexa', 'google-assistant' and 'samsung-bixby':

Any root-level options are treated as defaults and any platform-specific options are merged with the defaults and overrides any properties with matching keys.

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