Google Assistant (Dialogflow)

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Build apps for Google's Assistant platform using Dialogflow

Requests & Responses

Learn more about the Google Action request and response lifecycle.


A typical interaction between a user and your Google Action consists of a request (what the user wants) and a response (what the action replies).

Learn more in the Jovo Docs: Basic Concepts > Request & Response Lifecycle.


There are several types of Google Action requests. Learn more about them here: Assistant Requests.


There are several types of Google Action responses. Learn more about them here: Assistant Responses.

Google Assistant Changelog

Current version might be higher than the latest changes displayed below because of updates of dependencies.

2021-07-07 [3.5.4]
  • #948 ✨ Add enableFullScreen and continueTtsDuringTouch (@aswetlow)

2021-02-22 [3.5]

  • #901 Move setResponse from response to after.response middleware (@aswetlow)
2020-11-20 [3.2.3]
2020-11-05 [3.2.1]
  • Fix Transaction API v2/v3 incomptibility

🐛 Bug Fix

  • #716 Corrected logic for retrieving project-ids in staged environments (@m-ripper)

Committers: 3

3.0.11 (2020-04-06)

  • Updated Typescript to 3.8.x
  • Updated Prettier to 2.x

Committers: 2


Find the 2.x changelog here.

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