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Build Conversational Actions for Google's Assistant platform

Media Response

Learn how to use the Google Action Media Response with Jovo.


The Google Action Media Response allows you to play audio content, which is longer than the 240 seconds SSML limit. While using the Media Response, you lose control of the play, pause, stop and start over commands, since Google handles these themselves, without your app even receiving the request.

You can access the Media Response features in two ways:

You can check out the official documentation here.


Play a File

Google Conversational Actions expect a MediaResponse object, which will be shown inside a media card:

Optionally, you can also provide an array of media response objects to playAudio().

To send the response, you can use either this.tell() or this.ask(), which have both different use cases.

If you use this.tell() it will be handled as a final response and you won't receive a callback regarding the media status.

this.ask() on the other hand will keep the session open, so you can receive the callback, but it forces you to add Suggestion Chips to your response.

Media Progress

If you want to access the current progress of the media playback, use getProgress():


During or after the media plays, your Jovo app can receive the media status as a directive, which have to be placed in either the 'MEDIARESPONSE' or the 'AUDIOPLAYER' directive of your handler.

Example Javascript | Example Typescript

Google Assistant Changelog

Current version might be higher than the latest changes displayed below because of updates of dependencies.

2022-03-02 [3.6.4]
2022-02-17 [3.6.3]
2021-07-07 [3.5.4]
  • #948 ✨ Add enableFullScreen and continueTtsDuringTouch (@aswetlow)

2021-02-22 [3.5]

  • #901 Move setResponse from response to after.response middleware (@aswetlow)
  • #901 Fix missing unit test methods in ConversationalResponse (@aswetlow)
2021-02-04 [3.4.0]
  • #892 ✨ Transactions for Google Assistant Conversational Actions (@aswetlow)
2021-01-28 [3.3.2]
  • #890 ✨ Add Conversational Actions functionality to Jovo Debugger (@aswetlow)
2020-12-03 [3.3.0]
  • #871 Add missing and broken Google Conversational Action features (@aswetlow)
2020-11-20 [3.2.4]
2020-11-16 [3.2.3]
  • Adds Interactive Canvas to Google Conversational Actions (@aswetlow)
2020-11-10 [3.2.2]
  • #856 Fixes several Google Conversational Actions issues (@aswetlow)
2020-11-05 [3.2.1]

Fix missing locale in push notifications object

2020-09-29 [3.1.3]
  • #831 :recycle: Enhance Google AssisConversational Actions (@maswetlow)

2020-09-29 [3.1.0-alpha.0]

  • #829 ✨ Work In Progress: Google Assistant Conversational Actions (@aswetlow)

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