Jovo Output Object

Learn more about the Jovo $output object.


The Jovo $output is a consolidated JSON object that is prepared during routing, and later turned into a response in the output Middleware.

You can access the object like this:

If you log it after calling the tell method:

The logs for the $output object look like this:

And the generated response would be the following:

If you are reading the logs returned from the server (e.g. AWS CloudWatch), you can use the JSON.stringify() method to turn the object into a human-readable JSON string response:

Output Structure

The $output object can contain elements for tell, ask, as well visual and plaform-specific output.

For example, it looks like this after ask:

Output Middleware

Learn more about the Jovo Framework Architecture here.

The output middleware is used to turn the $output object into a $response object, as shown in the Introduction above.

The middleware turns the cross-platform output into platform-specific JSON responses based on the platform the framework is currently interacting with. This is why the $output object is helpful for Hooks and Plugins, as they then only need to worry about the abstracted object, not any possible response JSON structure.

Comments and Questions

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