Jovo Webhook

Learn more about the Jovo Webhook for local development of Alexa Skills and Google Actions


The Jovo Webhook is a free service that creates a link to your local webserver. This way, you can prototype locally without having to deal with servers or Lambda uploads all the time.

By using the jovo run, a unique, anonymized link is created that looks like this:

You can either use this link and paste it into the respective developer platform consoles, or use the jovo deploy command to upload it from the command line. Your Jovo Webhook URL is the default endpoint in your project.js file.

Getting Started

To develop your Alexa Skills and Google Actions locally, use the following command:

As you can see, a Jovo Webhook URL is automatically created, which serves as a link to your local webhook and can be added as a HTTPS endpoint to the voice platforms.

Make sure that, with every file update, you terminate the server with ctrl+c and run it again. You can also use the nodemon Jovo CLI integration.

Find more information on the jovo run command here.

Jovo Debugger

By copying the link of your webhook and opening it in your browser, you can access the Jovo Debugger, which makes it even easier to test and debug locally:

Jovo Debugger

Learn more about the Jovo Debugger here.

Comments and Questions

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